Posted by: diabetescoalition | August 12, 2011

More Than a Third of Adults Have Pre-Diabetes

 By Mona Huff, Henry County KRDC Organizer

According to a recent report from CDC more than a third of all adults have pre diabetes,  a condition in which the blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.  Pre diabetes obviously increased the risk of diabetes, but also heart disease and stroke.

Some specialist would argue that there is no such thing as pre diabetes, and if you have a higher than normal blood sugar or A1C; you have diabetes.  I am not educated enough to enter that debate, however I will say if you have pre diabetes or diabetes, you need to make changes.

Research shows that a structured lifestyle program that includes losing weight and increasing physical activity can prevent diabetes or decrease the risk of complications for those who have diabetes.  Talk with your health care providers to discover what is available in your area.  Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but of courage.   Diabetic support groups give valuable educational information as well as emotional support.  Most hospitals have free groups.

If you need more help, go to a diabetic educator or nutritionist.  They can help you plan menus that will serve your needs.  If you need help in starting physical activity, check with your doctor about what would be appropriate for you.  If you have led a sedentary lifestyle, you may want to start with exercises from the chair.  Most county extension offices have programs for senior adults that will start you slowly.  I love “Body Recall” and highly recommend it.  There are also tapes that you can purchase and do in your home if you are disciplined enough to do without the group support.  When you can safely walk start slowly and built up.  It is the best activity that you can participate in and if you can walk locally all it will cost is money for good shoes.

If you live in Henry County, please consider attending our diabetic coalition meeting the second Thursday of every month from 10:30 until noon.  The location is the 4-H at the Fair Grounds in New Castle. The purpose of the meetings is to educate the community on diabetes, support individuals and families with diabetes and become advocate for diabetes.  For more information contact:  Mona Huff at 502-845-6849 or






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