Posted by: jesscraddock | August 5, 2011

Bullitt County KRDC Plans

We plan to continue weekly walks under the Bullitt County Kentucky Regional Diabetes Coalition schedule.  Since Bernheim is such a beautiful place we plan to meet there from time to time.  As I explained at our Regional meeting last week, the memory benches can be used so that walkers might walk at unscheduled times by following a handout that challenges them to find particular benches in a specified area.  A recent walk was designed to find six pictured locations between the main gate and the Visitor’s Center.  The idea was to allow people to walk at their convenience and “receive credit” for awards.


We hope significant awards can be found to encourage everyone who participates.  Perhaps someone who walks a particular trail in Bernheim might receive two passes for miniature golf.  Someone who participates in ten weekly events might receive a month’s membership to the Y.  Please leave comments to this posting to suggest awards you think would be strong encouragement.  For example, a family pass to Louisville’s zoo might encourage grandma and grandpa to take the grandkids to the zoo and take a few extra steps.

Other weeks, we plan to use Shepherdsville City Park, locations in Lebanon Junction, Mount Washington, or perhaps a stroll around a city block pushing wheelchairs.  We hope local businesses will provide incentives to one, a few, or all of those who participate. For those interested, please feel free to send email for more information to:




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