Posted by: diabetescoalition | August 4, 2011

Tips for Healthy Living With Diabetes

By Mona Huff, Henry County KRDC Community Organizer


  1.  Know your numbers.  You will see varying opinions on what your blood sugar should range.  However, a good number to strive for fasting is 100 and your A1C below 6.0.  You and your physician should decide on the desired numbers.
  2. Take your blood sugars as suggested by your doctor and record them with any notes to help you explain what was happening at the time if your doctor needs to understand a variance in your norms.
  3. Try to maintain a regular schedule of eating, taking prescribed meds and sleeping.
  4. Exercise daily and again plan that as close to the same time as possible.  Plan snacks to eat as you exercise.
  5. Eat properly and record what you eat.
  6. Understand your disease and how to keep diabetes under control.

These are just a few things that have helped me thrive with diabetes.  I hope they help you!


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