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Summer Heat Check List

By:   Elaina Burks, KIPDA’s Shelby County Organizer–

               KIPDA’s Tri-County Rural Diabetes Coalition


Summer Heat Check List

It is now August and the heat has been unbearable and we have seen some of the summer’s hottest action yet.  Everyone is trying to beat the heat and stay cool.  When diabetic, one has to paid attention and have an action plan to beat the heat.

Below are few action plans for a happy, healthy season.

  1. Eat to beat the heat Hydrate with fresh fruits and vegetables .  Their high water content will help you to cool off on the hottest days.

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  1. Protect your skin. Sunburn can evaluate your blood glucose and raise your risk of skin cancer.   Heat can affect your blood glucose (sugar) levels and also increase the absorption of some fast-acting insulin, meaning you will need to test your blood glucose more often and perhaps adjust your intake of insulin, food and liquids.

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  1. Forget the flip-flops.  Closed –toes shoes are a better bet for protecting your feet from summer bummers like cuts, blisters, insects and poison ivy.

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  1. Shield your glucose meter. Bright sunlight and heat can distort the results on your glucometer. Keep it covered – as well as insulin, test strips and all other medications away from extreme heat.

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  1. Travel Safely.  Keep unopened insulin in a cooler, wear something that identifies you as someone with diabetes. Pack a healthy snack so that you can stay on a regular eating schedule.

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