Posted by: diabetescoalition | July 26, 2011

Watch Out; I Need Sugar!

By Mona Huff, KRDC Henry County Organizer

Sometimes I feel like if I don’t get sugar I may become dangerous.  How do diabetics handle that craving without getting in trouble with their blood sugar levels?  First, recognize that some sugar in the diet is needed.  The problem comes when one overdoes it.   Know your body and what your blood sugar levels can handle for an occasional treat.  If you are craving sugar here are some suggestions to help:

  • Give in a little.  Eat a small amount of what you’re craving.  If you are like me, you may have to go with a spouse or friend and share a dessert so that you won’t over do.  I cannot bring it home or I will eat too much.
  • Combine foods.  If you are craving chocolate dip a banana or strawberries so that you get healthy foods with it.  Try a little  dark chocolate as a small amount is healthy according to some research reports.
  • Grab some gum.  Sometimes a stick of gum will help eliminate the craving for something sweet.
  • Reach for fruit.  A good sweet orange or a cup of strawberries can take the craving away.
  • Go for a walk.  When a sugar craving hits you, walk away.  Take a walk and change the scenery.
  • Eat regular meals and work in nutritional snacks.  Keeping your blood sugar at consistent levels help eliminates cravings.

To get good ideas for healthy snacks Google “healthy snacks for diabetics” and you will find a large range of ideas.  Keep healthy snacks available at all times so that you will not be tempted to eat unhealthy snacks when your blood sugar dips.  Carry your glucometer and good healthy treats with you everywhere you go.  Remember the boy scout saying and be prepared!

For more information on diabetes and how to become an advocate for diabetes contact Mona Huff @ 502-845-6849 or e-mail  Join the Henry County Diabetic Coalition the second Thursday of every month at the 4-H building at the Fair Grounds in New Castle.  The time is 10:30 until noon.








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