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PhotoVoice Project Regarding Diabetes Launches in Bullitt, Shelby and Henry Counties

By Joe D’Ambrosio, Program Manager, University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work

This is a grassroots project, called PhotoVoice, that will allow residents in Bullitt, Henry and Shelby Counties to take photos of their everyday environment and community in order to show how their daily life affects their diabetes.  It is part of the KRDC (Kentucky Regional Diabetes Coalition) grant activity underway in Kentucky’s rural counties, and receives its funding from CDC.

Recruitment Phase: July 1st – July 19th

  • Participants will be identified in Henry County (2 groups of 8 persons), Shelby County (3 groups of 8 persons) and Bullitt County (4 groups of 8 persons).
  • Participants are eligible if they are 50+ years of age and have Type 2 diabetes.
  • Participants should represent different distinct geographical areas (clusters) of each county. Each group will be developing one communal poster to use with their community and government representatives to foster change.
  • Community Organizers (COs) will use approved and stamped recruitment flyers to identify participants.
    • COs will email or mail directions to training site and details of the training session to participants.
    • COs will contact the participants by phone or email on July 16th to remind them of the training session.


    Training Session:  July 20th Bullitt: Extension Office from 9-noon; July 22nd Shelby/Henry: Extension Office from 9-noon


    • At the 3-hour training:
      • Participants will sign in.
      • Uof L  team:
        • Will explain photovoice method and informed consent
        • Ask participants to complete a short demographic survey and W-9
        • Provide instruction on
          • How to take meaningful photos about their everyday personal environment and community that affects their diabetes
          • How to take photos from an ethical perspective
          • How to log thoughts about their photos on a spiral bound notebook
          • How to secure photo releases if they take photos of other people (photo release forms will be given)
          • How to get their cameras to the COs for photo development
        • Participants will be given a disposable camera labeled with a number.
      • Sign in sheet will be given to KIPDA for payment of $50.00 to each participant.

    Photo-taking, Processing and Selection Phase: July 23rd to August 26th

    • Participants will take photos over a 2-week period (July 23rd to August 5th).
    • On July 30th, the COs will call each participant to answer questions, remind them of the return deadline and advise them of the focus group meeting which will take place on August 29th (Shelby/Henry) or August 31st  (Bullitt).
    • On August 5th, participants will return cameras to their CO and COs will deliver cameras to KIPDA on August 6th.
    • KIPDA will create a list of all returned cameras and forward a payment of $75.00 to each participant who returned a camera.
    • KIPDA will send the cameras for processing on August 8th and photographs will be returned Aug 12th (estimated). KIPDA will request  5”x7” doubles, with a CD and thumbnail.
    • KIPDA will keep one set of 5”x7” photos, the CD and thumbnail.
    • One set of 5”X7” photos will be given to the COs to be given to the participants on August 15th and 16th.
    • Participants will have one week August 17th-23rd to pick out 6 photos and complete the caption sheets.
    • COs will schedule a meeting with participants on August 24thto give
      • 27 -5”x7” photos with thumbnail
      • 6-10 caption sheets for participants to choose 6 of their most meaningful photos and write or revise their captions for the selected photos and
      • Instruction sheet to discuss how to return 6 photos with captions to the COs and directions to the focus group.
      • On August 25th, the COs will collect the list of the six pictures and corresponding caption sheets, place the materials in an envelope and label the envelope with the assigned number of the participant and get them to KIPDA.
      • COs will also remind the participants of the focus group meeting at that time [August 29th (Shelby/Henry) or August 31st  (Bullitt)].
      • KIPDA will forward the picture lists and captions to the UofL team IMMEDIATELY for weekend work.

    Preparation for Focus Group Meetings: August 27th-28th

    • UofL team will create plain poster boards for each participant including the 6 selected pictures with captions.

    Focus Group Meetings: August 29th  Shelby/Henry – Extension Office 9- 2 p.m.;  August 31st Bullitt County Extension Office 9 – 2:00 p.m., Lunch served in both locations.)

    • Participants will sign-in.
    • UofL will be responsible for facilitating the focus group.
    • Participants will attend a half-day focus group session in their county, where they will take part in developing one poster board that shows common themes from the photos.
    • During focus group meeting, time will be allotted for each group to
      • Review and comment on the pictures and captions of each other’s photos
      • Note similarities and differences
      • Develop collective group board
      • Showcase each group’s collective boards during lunch
      • Meet with community organizer to talk about best venues to use the collective and individual boards to advocate for change in their communities.
      • KIPDA will make a payment of $75.00 after the focus group meeting per sign in sheet.

    Community Advocacy Meetings (TBA)

    • COs will ensure participants use the collective/individuals boards at desired events, governmental offices and public venues.
    • At the showcase a representative from KIPDA will be present to register the participants after which payment in the amount of $25.00 will be sent to the participants who presented.


Recruitment Phase: July 1 – July 19

Training Session:  July 22 Shelby/Henry: Extension Office from 9-noon; July 20 Bullitt: Extension Office from 9-noon Photo-taking, processing and photo selection phase: July 23rd to August 26th Preparation for Focus Group Meetings: August 27th-28th

Focus Group Meetings: August 29th  Shelby/Henry – Extension Office 9- 2 p.m.; August 31st , Bullitt County Extension Office   9 – 2:00 p.m., Lunch served in both locations.)



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